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Canvas Only
"Canvas Only" means that the canvas art is rolled in a tube and shipped to the customer. If you want the canvas stretched, you must take it to a framer, and they will stretch the canvas over a stretcher bar, or you can have it dry mounted on adhesive foam board. If you have the canvas dry mounted, you can add matting around the canvas. And if you add matting, it is recommended you put glass in front of the matting and canvas. You can then pick your own frame. Generally, glass is not put in front of canvas art as this diminishes the quality look. All of our canvas art is protected by a museum-quality coating. They are moisture proof, and a feather duster is all that is needed to keep them clean. Our frames are wooden, molded-corner frames. This means the corners have a molding over them and do not look like they have been cut. Practically, your only choice at a local framer is cut-corner frames. The prices for stretching canvas at a local frame shop are approxiamately three times more than what is quoted on our web site. An example: If you bring your own 16" x 20" canvas to "MICHAELS" (a nationwide art and craft store) they will charge you $93 plus tax to stretch the canvas on a stretcher bar. Our price for a 16" x 20" canvas on stretcher bar is $100 which includes the canvas art. If you have any questions about this please feel free to call us. 412.685.4347.
Canvas Description
These reproductions on canvas exactly copy the original oil painting. If the original and the duplicate were placed on a wall, and one stepped back 10 feet, one would be hard pressed to tell the difference. In fact, one would be inclined to choose the reproduction over the original oil painting. These reproductions have been digitally cleaned of any defects that were on the original, and the colors have been enhanced. Our reproductions are superior to a hand-painted duplicate of the original, because a hand-painted duplicate will not catch the original detail or depth that the artist intended. An original oil painting will cost tens of thousands of dollars, and an exact hand-painted duplicate will also cost thousands of dollars. The original artwork has been scanned on wide-format scanners producing a multi-gigabyte file, and no matter to what size they are enlarged they will show all the detail and sharpness of the original oil painting. The sharpness and detail of a 12x16 canvas image with be the same as a 36x48 canvas image. There is no pixilation in any of our images. All images are guaranteed to last for a lifetime from fading due to harmful UV rays. We also offer high quality wooden frames for your canvas art.

All images are the under the copyright protection of the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust International and are reproduced with the BBT's permission. None of the canvas art comes with the "Bhaktivedanta Book Trust Copyright protection" printed on the front of the art.

A very famous western artist, Thomas Kincaid, reproduces his paintings on canvas and charges thousands of dollars for large sizes. We are reproducing our canvases in the exact same manner as Thomas Kincaid, but charging much less. These beautiful paintings will help us remember the Supreme Lord, and as stated in the Bhagavad-gita,

tasmat sarvesu kalesu
mam anusmara yudhya ca
mayy arpita-mano-buddhir
mam evaisyasy asamsayah

"Therefore, Arjuna, you should always think of Me in the form of Krishna and at the same time carry out your prescribed duty of fighting. With your activities dedicated to Me and your mind and intelligence fixed on Me, you will attain Me without doubt." (B.g. 8.7)

These beautiful canvases decorating the walls of our homes will help us remember the Supreme Lord at the time of death, and Lord Krishna assures that for one who remembers Him there is no more birth in this world.

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