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We all may have questions that remain unanswered, and we search for the truth. Who am I? Where do I come from? Where am I going after this life? Why are some people better off than me? Why are so many people suffering? These important questions and others can be answered by Vedic knowledge. Everyone is looking for peace, and peace is a journey within. Let us help you find it.


Quote for the Day

Lord Krishna instructed Arjuna: "The living entity is the cause of his or her own suffering in this world." (Bhagavad-gita 13.21)

Words of Wisdom for the Day

 "The faults we find in others will manifest in ourselves, either in this life or the next. If we look for good in others, good will come to us and if we look for the imperfection in others, those imperfections will come to us. Whatever we meditate on we will manifest. We create our own suffering and enjoyment."

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The Yogis Meditate on Radha Krishna in trance

In previous ages yogis would enter the forest and live austere lives in meditation. Merging the incoming breath and the outgoing breath, they would stop the breathing process and enter trance. This "Astanga Yoga" process could be performed in secluded places in the forest, or even under water. By suspending the breathing process one could live for hundreds of years. There are still yogis who live in the Himalayas and practice this form of yoga.

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